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When you go to a party what do you expect? Music, friends, and most importantly, treats! This 3-tiered cake stand is perfect for all of your most spectacular party confections. Stack cookies, cakes, crackers, and individual 7-layer dips – because this 18.5" (with 13.5, 10, and 7 inch trays) stand will make them look good. Made of iron – it fits easily into a rustic or modern space, and the neutral shade does perfectly with any color scheme. If you’re feeling extra motivated – pom-pom trim or even washi tape looks fantastic along the edges. Use them for neighborhood barbecues, weddings, or showers of any kind, and since you’re bringing the stand, tell your friends to bring the food. Let’s party!

Three Tier Party Tin

SKU: Metalthreetier01
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